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Heart Centered Healing with Horses
Coaching for an Authentic Life

Once upon a time, in a land not so very different from our own,

You knew your own magnificence.

No one had to convince you. You owned it.

  You stood comfortably in your natural-born,
   authentic power.

  You honored your emotions, allowing them to
   flow through.

  You inhabited your body with playful freedom
   and strength.

  You connected easily with others, through your

  You loved freely without conditions.

  You spoke your truth clearly & gently, without

  You acted from inspiration, always knowing what
   to do next.

  Your passion and zest for life were apparent in all
   you pursued.

  And, you never doubted your worth, why would

  You were a Magnificent Being.

Indeed, you were an Authentic Being, living from your highest Truth, in every moment.

Integrity, confidence, charm, joy, and fulfillment were all yours.

These are the Innate Gifts of Horse.

As well as Humans.

And the horses want YOU to reclaim what is rightly yours, all of these gifts and more:
Your own God/dess Nature.

The horses have stepped forward, and
are ready to assist you on this wondrous
journey to wholeness.

All you need to do is come forward to
meet them, with a curious mind, an open heart, and a willing spirit.

Together, we will open the space for you to rediscover your Gem-ness by releasing
what no longer serves you and reclaiming your inborn, natural gifts.

When you are ready, we are eagerly awaiting because we can see your
inner beauty and we are honored to
guide you in removing all of the “yuck”
that has hidden your greatness for too long.

Now is the time to step into
Who You Were Always Meant to Be!
Now is the time to live your Authentic Life.

I invite you to discover for yourself the transformative power of Heart-Centered Healing with Horses. Please enjoy looking over our programs designed to help you shine forth your Best Self.

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