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At it's foundation, Heart-Centered coaching is about helping you discover your Inner Genius:

That voice in the center of you who
always knows how to direct you to your dreams.

We all have one. Like a Wise Guardian, it's
just waiting patiently for you to tune in. 

Because, deep down, you always know what
is best for yourself in any given situation.
You have a bottomless well-spring of guidance
so that you'll always know what to say or do.

Imagine that: Never again doubting what you need to do next for success!!!

Better than that even: Your Inner Genius knows how to release all of the blocks that stand between you and happiness.

Only problem is, most of the time, you can't hear your Inner Genius!

  Why? The mind is chattering away.

  But I'll tell you what. Your body never
  lies. It's always knows the truth.

  Your mind, well, it loves to play games
  and engage in mental gymnastics
  keeping you going in circles, without a
  reliable path to fulfillment.

  So, join with me in this incredible journey
  of reclaiming your Wisdom. Whatever your
  primary area of concern, with a clear
  channel open to your Inner Guide, your
  success is guaranteed!

  Please note that most of our services
  are available as individual/couple

  sessions or small group workshops.

A fantastically inspired introduction to the Healing with Horses work.

Join us for a half-day of mythic self-discovery as we bring forth a fuller, more vibrant version of your Goddess Self, with the aid of the Healing Horse Herd. You’ll discover which parts of your Goddess self you’ve left behind. Then you’ll reclaim, embody, and celebrate them in interactive, creative activities. 

Next Date:
Sunday Oct 11
12-5 pm
$35 includes lunch.

See blog for full details: Mini-Playshop

In our flagship program, get ready to:

- Dissolve your blocks to success
- Attain deep insights &
- Develop new skills to propel you toward your vision of success.

In a combination of powerful experiences with the horses as your guides, you will discover:

- The mind stories that keep sabotaging you so you can release them
- The patterns of interaction which block your happiness so you can transform them
- The emotions holding you back so you can release them
- The messages of wisdom about how you can proceed for your Highest Good
- How to embody your power so you can make things happen
- Ways to set healthy boundaries, & communicate clearly to improve your connections
- How to open your heart and bond authentically with others
- How to let go of old wounds so you are no longer held back
- Your place of innate passion, joy, and peace
- Your natural gifts and abilities so you can reclaim them
- And much, much more!
Your New Abilities

Through this playful work, you will come away with a whole set of life-shifting skills that you can put to use in every day, quickly transforming your life.

Some of these skills include:

- The Body Wisdom Method
- Centering and Grounding
- Heart Resonance
- The Attraction Faucet


This program is available in the following formats:

- Coaching Intensive: 3, 1.5 hour one-on-one or couple sessions, for a total of 4.5 hours.
  Your Investment: $225

- Full day, small group workshop. Your Investment: $89

Next Workshop Date: Sat, July 25th, 10am- 5pm.

Please contact us for more information, to schedule a free 20 min. consultation, or about upcoming dates.

  You want to create a great relationship.
  You want to be a man that women desire,
  respect, admire, and trust.

  But what gives?
  It can seem so hard to figure out the way to a
  woman's heart.

  Join us to discover the power of the new
The Compassionate Warrior.

Learn how to be:

Strong, yet gentle.
Open to giving and receiving.
Aware of your thoughts and feelings
Comfortable speaking openly and listening deeply.

These are the qualities that open a woman's heart.

When you uncover your own hidden Compassionate Warrior, and master his skills, real love will be yours for the taking!

Capture the magic of releasing your blocks and reclaiming your gifts under the light of the full moon!

Learn more: The Journey Ride.

Unleashing the Flow of Authentic Abundance

Coming Soon!

Becoming Your Sexy Self with Passion & Desire

Coming soon!

Ready to lead the life you dream of? Contact us today for your free 20 minute consultation to discover how accessing your Inner Genuis can lead you to success!