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Are you ready for a powerful, mystical guided journey to release your blocks and retrieve your Highest Gifts?

Throughout the ages, the full moon has always been a time of magic and manifestation.

In fact, the healing power of the full moon has been documented for centuries.

That's why it's the perfect time for you to consciously choose to
release the things that are no longer serving you and to
reclaim your gifts, talents, and abilities.

A Full Moon Journey ride is your opportunity to give yourself the gift of transformation and renewal.

The Jounrey Ride is unlike anything you've ever experienced before!

You will mount a quiet, gentle horse and be lead at a walk under the moon light through a field.

During your ride, you will close your eyes and experience the magic of being guided through a healing meditation designed to take you on a Mythic Journey of dissolving obstacles and recovering your natural gifts.

  Your enchanted evening will conclude around the fire, with
  a Releasing Ritual.

  Fire has always been known as a force for purging,
  cleansing, and renewal.

  Following your symbolic releasing, you'll enjoy homemade
  hot chocolate and marshmallows under the starry night.

If you are already a fan of meditation or guided visualizations, then you're familiar with the astonishing healing power of the mind.

But horseback meditation offers several profound healing benefits over and above those of normal meditation.

1. Having a new bodily experience, rather than just the mind, translates into deeper and more lasting change.

2. Engaging with another living being, the horse, activates your heart center, the only place from which true transformation can happen.

3. While riding, your energy field is profoundly impacted in a positive way by the energy field of the horse. As a natural healer, he has the capacity to absorb negative energy and neutralize it.

4. Finally, your movement on top of the horse, combined with his powerful energy, has the ability to open up your own energy fields, and get stuck energy flowing again.

All this translates into a powerful healing experience with real, lasting change for you. Healing can occur on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

Your ride can be scheduled the evening of the full moon, or any of the previous 3-4 nights.
Rides are weather-permitting.

Upcoming Dates

July 4-7
Aug 3-6
Sep 1-4
Oct  1-4

Journey rides can also be scheduled during the day, any time of the month!!!

The Journey ride is designed as a personal, one-on-one healing session lasting approximately 2 hours.

Your Investment: $75, Special Introductory Price!

Couples and small group rides may be able to be accommodated. Please call for more information.

Please note: There is no previous riding or horse handling experience necessary to enjoy this activity!

Contact us to schedule your magical ride of transformation! Or to set up your 20 minute, free consultation to learn more about which program is right for you.