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Something is standing between you and the success you envision with your horse. Do you know what it is?

You know what it takes to win.
You’ve trained long and hard.
And you invest a ton into your horse:
Time, money, effort, and emotion.

Yet, the blue ribbon seems just out of grasp.
Or worse, you keep finishing just out of the ribbons.

It’s supposed to be fun, this horse show thing, but sometimes, it feels like an uphill battle, a struggle.

Perhaps sometimes you even wonder, “Where did all the joy go?!” or “Why am I even doing this!?”

Shhhh! Don’t worry- I won’t tell because I’ve felt that as a rider too!

Wanting more, wanting better, being oh-so-close, but still staying stuck.

Yet, we keep doing it because deep down we have a burning passion that took a hold of our soul long ago and simply won’t let go.

For better or worse, we’re horse people.

There’s no doubt about it:
The spark of something special exists between a rider and her horse.

Something deep, something meaningful- something that really doesn’t feel good when it’s not working right!

That’s where Your Blue Ribbon Ride comes in.

You don’t need to win the blue every time out.
But heck, it would be nice to finish in the ribbons.

Deep down though, you know it’s not really about the color of ribbon you bring home.

What’s really important is knowing that you gave it your best shot.
Trusting that you and your horse gave it your all and you could be proud of that.
That in the end, you had fun!

That’s the Blue Ribbon Ride:

Enjoying the Best Ride that You and Your Horse Could Offer On Any Given Day, Under Those Particular Circumstances.

What it looks like:

You and your horse,
100% calm, confident, trustworthy,
and focused,
in the flow of silent communication,
enjoying the thrill of showcasing
your athletic skills,
effortlessly performing together
in perfect harmony,
with gorgeous precision,
as if you were one being,
harmoniously flowing with ease and grace.

A tribute to the remarkable relationship,
that bond of unbreakable trust,
between you and your horse.

That is the ride that you and your horse deserve to enjoy, day in and day out, horse show after horse show!

Whatever is getting in the way of that, let’s remove together with the remarkable set of skills known as Equestrian Harmonics.

  In one private, 1.5 hour session,
  with you and your horse,
  you will discover 4 easy-to-use
  but powerful techniques that will
  enable you to:

 -  Quickly get to the root of the underlying
    problem that is holding you back from peak
    performance, any time, anywhere.

  - Release the core block(s) standing in your
    way of success.

  - Re-partner with your horse increasing
    teamwork, cooperation, mutual enjoyment,
    & of course, success!

  - Begin to transform every area of your life.

The program is available in the following formats:

- Individual Coaching Intensive: 1.5 hours, one-on- one session with you and your horse, at the show, your barn, or our ranch.  Investment: $150.

- Half Day Small Group Workshop at your barn or our ranch. Investment: $75 per horse/rider.

Please note that this program is NOT riding instruction or horse training- but
it can take your performance to the next
level. It's a wonderful complement to your regular training program, for all disciplines!

Please contact us today for a free 20 minute consultation to see how this service can turn your riding goals into reality!